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The Beautiful Healer

The flowers of the butterfly weed fairly leap out at you this time of the year. This unobtrusive relative of the milkweed is practically invisible until it blooms. The plant is smaller than milkweed with more narrow leaves, but the … Continue reading

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Silvery Russian Autumn

I remember “Russian olive” and “autumn olive” being used interchangeably when I was a kid, planting these exotic shrubs in our yard after purchasing them from the Department of Environmental Conservation in New York. Back in the 1970s the DEC … Continue reading

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Waxy Bells of the Laurels

Somehow I have missed the parade of Vaccinium blooms until now. They and the closely-related Gaylussacia are ericads (laurels) that flower before and during leaf out in late April and into early May, while the larger laurels bloom later in … Continue reading

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Fern That Drops Its “R”s

What exactly does the “Boston” fern have to do with The Hub? (And does anyone call Boston ‘the hub’ anymore?) Nephrolepis exaltata is a subtropical plant, occurring naturally as far north as south Florida and throughout the West Indies, Mexico, Central and South … Continue reading

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She’s As Sweet as Basswood Honey …

I think of them as “basswoods” if they are the American species and “lindens” if they are the European, but they are actually called “lime trees” more often in the United Kingdom, although they are quite unrelated to the citrus … Continue reading

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Saffron: Expensive and Potent

In the classic British comedy Absolutely Fabulous Edie Monsoon’s straight but exotic looking daughter is called Saffron, played by Julie Sawahla, who is partly of Jordanian ancestry. Jordan, as it happens is rather close to middle of the suite of … Continue reading

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Little Blue Flowers of Spring

That spring came early this year seems like an understatement. Bulbs were coming up in February and many were flowering well before the first day of spring. And then came the backlash. Through the last week of March the temperatures … Continue reading

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