Flowers and Limericks

Flowers from Her

Can a gal send her guy a bouquet?

For the beauty of flowers convey

What a silly old tie

Can’t express or imply

Or the subtleties I wish to say.

By Love Limericks.

All for You

Someone’s worked very hard, All for You,

Made the odd sacrifice for you, too.

Birthday flowers for Dad

Tell him clearly you’re glad

Call the florist and give him a clue.

Limerick authored by Jeanette Ramirez c 2008.

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Perky Petal

There once was a perky young flower

who just loved every fine April shower

‘cos now every petal

is in much finer fettle

everyone can feel a surge of green power

Limerick authored by Kit Heathcock c 2006. See more flower limericks.


One Response to Flowers and Limericks

  1. SoundEagle says:

    Thank you, Bill, for sharing these poems.

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